Kazani 3

Kazani 3– Overview

Luxurious accommodation in a refreshing environment, offering a contemporary lifestyle in a peaceful location. Also, It is an innovative mixed-use project that is built in compliance with the standards of the best real estate ventures in Dubai. Therefore, It combines unmatched elegance with top-notch facilities to give you a lifestyle that you have always dream of.  Furthermore, the project will be a breath of fresh air in the refreshing surroundings of the capital city, Islamabad.

Kazani Group is one of the largest and oldest in print packaging and paper business in Dubai and Sharjah (United Arab Emirates). We also have outlet in Toronto and Montreal (Canada). Apart from above, we also deal in real estate in UAE along with several projects in Islamabad,Pakistan

Kazani 3


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Kazani 3 Location & Map

The location of Kazani 3 Islamabad is situated in Gulberg Greens Islamabad, close to the Islamabad expressway.

The promising location of the project in Gulberg Greens Islamabad and its reachable locality makes it the most

Step-by-step booking process


Once you arrive at 7 Star Estate, your Asset Manager will guide you through the whole booking process and you wouldn’t have to worry about the steps. They will help you fill the form, and once you’re done, to book a plot in Gulberg Greens, you will need to provide

2 passport size pictures of the applicant

2 copies of CNIC, or NICOP

2 copies of CNIC of Kin

There is limited inventory available at 7 Star Estate, contact us and book your Room or shop NOW!

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