Gulberg Height

Gulberg Height– Overview

A world of everything! Gulberg Heights comprises all the luxuries, All the amenities, All the facilities, and all the elegance required. It is approved by CDA under the Registration No CDA/DD-111/BC-11/6(25-A)P-9 & 10/GE/GG/2021/630.The impeccably placed Gulberg Heights is a modern place that will go down in the history as the perfect mix between extravagant shopping experiences with comfort at its best in its spacious residential apartments. An exuberant reception, utterly complete in its opulence, covered with embellishment that is outclassed and filled with the ambiance that lets the visitors mind stray in wonder and awe. It will entrance gives easy access for its customers and makes it one of the kind mall of Gulberg greens Islamabad. Inspired by its Roman Architecture, Gulberg Heights will stand tall as a monumental Shopping mall on the main Gulberg expressway Gulberg Greens Islamabad. 


Gulberg Heights comprises 10 Kanal land and offers

  • 2 huge basement for car parking
  • 4 floors of commercial units
  • 4 floors of smart residential apartments

Lower ground to 2nd floor is reserved for indoor Retail shops. The top four floors are reserved for Luxury Apartments The 6th floor is the executive floor because it contains Luxury Dome apartments. The apartments would have Smart Home features including INNEXIV Smart Sensors Device, INNEXIV Smart Energy Metering, INNEXIV Smart Tracking of pets, and much more. Gulberg Heights can be conveniently accessible from distant areas of both Rawalpindi and Islamabad.

Possession In December 2022

Gulberg Height


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Floor Plan

Step-by-step booking process


Once you arrive at 7 Star Estate, your Asset Manager will guide you through the whole booking process and you wouldn’t have to worry about the steps. They will help you fill the form, and once you’re done, to book a plot in Gulberg Greens, you will need to provide

2 passport size pictures of the applicant

2 copies of CNIC, or NICOP

2 copies of CNIC of Kin

There is limited inventory available at 7 Star Estate, contact us and book your Room or shop NOW!

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