Elanza Mall

Elanza Mall– Overview

Islamabad, the capital city of Pakistan, has been consistently under a state of transformation ever since the planned city was opened to the public. The latest paradigm shift is how the city plans to cope with the increasing population by taking the vertical route. And this is where Elanza Mall and Residency comes into the picture. The project occupies the near-perfect location of Gulberg Residencia Markaz and is being touted as a bankable option for a secure investment

Elanza Mall & Residency is a high-end mixed-use plaza situated in the heart of Gulberg Residencia. The scheme is a private haven of comforts and luxuries and is a partner-project of Zameen.com – a pioneer and the most reliable name in Pakistan’s property market.

Laid across Citadel Circular Avenue, the project is strategically planned to execute residential offering and commercial activities in the same plaza with up-to-the-minute amenities and security systems. We have magnified the features of both units to help you gain a better insight into the project. 

Elanza Mall


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Elanza Mall Location & Map

The location of Elanza Mall Islamabad is situated in Gulberg Greens Islamabad, close to the Islamabad expressway.

The promising location of the project in Gulberg Greens Islamabad and its reachable locality makes it the most

Floor Plan & Pricing

Step-by-step booking process


Once you arrive at 7 Star Estate, your Asset Manager will guide you through the whole booking process and you wouldn’t have to worry about the steps. They will help you fill the form, and once you’re done, to book a plot in Gulberg Greens, you will need to provide

2 passport size pictures of the applicant

2 copies of CNIC, or NICOP

2 copies of CNIC of Kin

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